If you haven’t seen it, Free Speech made a great documentary about the initial scandal.


From the Examiner.

An attorney is threatening legal action if the University of Colorado doesn’t waive a $3,000 fee for student groups hosting an appearance by formerWeather Undergroundmember Bill Ayersand fired CU professor Ward Churchill. 

Attorney David Lane said Thursday the fee is exorbitant and an unconstitutional restraint on free speech.

The university says the fee is standard for any event requiring security. CU attorney Pat O’Rourke says he’s reviewing Lane’s demand.

This is only half the story, as you’d expect from the Associated Press. The reality is, as I understand it, that none of the student groups want CU security there, nor does Ward Churchill, Bill Ayers, or Derrick Jensen. The only people demanding security are in CU’s administration, and it’s fairly obvious they’re pursuing it to punish students for organizing the event.

Again, same old CU. Cowardly, backhanded, and, as always, full of shit.

Let the bells ring

February 26, 2009

As I noted earlier this week, no entity has been more instrumental in smearing Ward Churchill than the Rocky Mountain News. They’ve used bloggers as genealogical experts to “prove” he’s not an Indian, quoted rapists and murderers as to his character, and printed every outright lie which they could find any nut or drug addict to regurgitate.  

It is my pleasure to report that tomorrow’s edition will be their last.

I’ll update more later, but for now I’m gonna go have a very cold beer and spend an hour or two just grinning like an idiot.

Naming names

February 26, 2009

Dr. Peter Kirstein has posted his remarks for the Chicago Gaza Panel, including a “naming names of the courageous victims of the New McCarthyism who refused to be silent”. (And one of the best jabs I’ve ever seen at the always/already useless Stanley Fish.)

Spanish philosopher Miguel Unamuno, during the Spanish Civil War, declared in 1936, “Sometimes to be Silent is to Lie.” He directed this remark on his campus of the University of Salamanca, where he had served twice as rector, to the pro-Franco fascist General Milan-Astray, who forced him off campus at gunpoint and placed Unamuno under house arrest. This was a shocking violation of academic freedom which I am sure Stanley Fish, now op-ed columnist of the New York Times, would heartily defend.

Unamuno died within two months after suffering a heart attack. In this country professors have been denied tenure, denied promotion, subjected to public vilification, experienced censorship of their books, been prohibited from speaking at previously scheduled events, been suspended, denied the right to teach classes in their specialty, pressured to turn down appointments at universities, and have been fired from both tenure and non-tenure track positions for speaking truth to power about the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Naming names was used during the McCarthy Era to blacklist and smear supposed communists and internationalists including many academicians. Well I am naming names of the courageous victims of the New McCarthyism who refused to be silent: Norman Finkelstein, Joel Kovel, Terri Ginsberg, Mehrene Larudee, Douglas Giles, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Joseph Massad, Ward Churchill and Juan Cole.


February 26, 2009

I’ve got a Facebook group going for those interested in attending the Ward Churchill trial or organizing around it here. Join up if you’re interested.

Professor Maximilian Forte has been having fun all day, and continues to do so in the comments here. See, the only actual charge of fabrication leveled at Ward Churchill pertains to an 1837 Mandan smallpox epidemic, which Ward Churchill contends was introduced by the US Army at Fort Clark. That’s the allegation trotted out by all the local media hacks and bloggers whenever Ward Churchill comes up, because, as they well know, it’s the only allegation of any substance whatsoever.

The problem?

As Professor Forte reminds us, even CU’s own investigative committee, handpicked by CU’s administration specifically to find a reason to fire Churchill, admits in their own report used to fire him, that, well, he didn’t fabricate the event.

From pages 67-68.

Our investigation has found that there is some evidence in written accounts of Indian reactions in 1837 and in native oral traditions that would allow a reasonable scholar who relies heavily on such sources to reach Professor Churchill’s interpretation that smallpox was introduced deliberately among Mandan Indians near Fort Clark by the U.S. Army, using infected blankets. We therefore do not conclude that he fabricated his account.

In their words, Ward Churchill’s conclusions were “reasonable”.  

They just didn’t like the footnotes he provided.

Man, I can’t wait for March 9th.

No, seriously

February 25, 2009

So, yesterday I linked to a wonderful summary and dismissal  of the charges against Ward Churchill by Professor Maximilian Forte. Since then, our favorite horse-breeding Ward Churchill internet stalker (and Rocky Mountain News genealogist) has attempted to refute a couple of Professor Forte’s arguments.  Thusly earning himself the kind of beating that would send a more sensible man off the computer and back into his horse stalls forever.

I’m not gonna post an excerpt here, because you really have to read the whole thing, including comments.

I can’t resist this, though.