Ward Churchill to appear in Pennsylvania before court date

February 18, 2009

Brief commentary about the Ward Churchill case written by Marc Bousquet, following. Churchill will be appearing at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in an event coinciding with the release of the Works and Days double-volume issue. From The Chronicle Review.

Academic freedom is the subject of three major conferences and at least two substantial journal issues this season, and they’ll all get a fair amount of ink and electrons when Ward Churchill’s lawsuit against the University of Colorado commences next month in Denver. Churchill’s campus process was wrongly decided in the fallout of a political witch hunt, featuring a faculty committee that generated spurious charges of “plagiarism” and “research misconduct” that will not bear the scrutiny of history (nor, one hopes, the district court).

You can read Churchill’s essay on the case in a massive, just-released special issue of Works and Days, guest-edited by Edward Carvalho and available for just $12 by emailing Tracy Lassiter (t.j.lassiter@iup.edu) or David Downing (downing@iup.edu). The issue includes important work by a huge lineup: Derrick Bell, Joe Berry, Michael Bérubé, Eric Cheyfitz, Noam Chomsky, Grant Farred, Norman Finkelstein, Henry Giroux, Sophia McClennen, Randy Martin, Ellen Messer-Davidow, Cary Nelson, R. Radhakrishnan, Bruce Robbins, Susan Searls Giroux, Cornel West, Jeffrey Williams, and many others, including yours truly. It’s the best value in academic freedom short of joining the AAUP.

Following the Works & Days release and just two weeks in advance of the scheduled start of the lawsuit, Churchill will speak at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), Downing’s home campus about an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh.

From the reports I’ve seen, a few complaints have been registered with the IUP administration, but nothing with the hysteria and virulent hatred stirred up by the Churchill case in the past. The event also features appearances by Nelson, McClellan, and Williams; if you’ll be in western Pennsylvania on February 23, it’s worth making the drive.

The usual four anti-Churchill bloggers spammed the comments, lead in their charge by Ward Churchill’s premiere stalker, Snapple, who is still trying to convince the world that Ward Churchill killed JonBenet Ramsey. (To their credit, the folks at The Chronicle Review deleted her comments. Y’know, because she’s nuts.) She also spammed the Colorado Daily piece I linked to yesterday.

I love Snapple. Really, I do. If she didn’t exist, I’d have to invent her.


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