A lightning rod of controversy

February 19, 2009

Both the Daily Camera and Colorado Daily have caught wind (or, given the investigative skills of their journalists, read a hand-delivered press release) of the student-sponsored Bill Ayers, Ward Churchill, Derrick Jensen event at CU. Meaning, I’m probably gonna have to start scanning talk radio again.  


Update: It’s worth noting that a few brave anonymous jackasses are promising a “boot party” for Ward Churchill in the comments to the Daily Camera article. Nice to know that the Camera’s editorial standards don’t preclude threats of physical violence.

I’ll be there. Here’s hoping the idiots show up and give it a try.

Update II: The gentleman who initiated the “boot party” comment has said he was being ironic. Which, now that I re-read it, makes sense. Oh well, probably won’t be the last time that I pop off at the mouth before this is over.


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