Ward Churchill to speak at Concordia University

February 20, 2009

This from one of my favorite blogs, Open Anthropology.

Earlier tonight (Thursday, 19 Feb. 2009) I attended a special engagement with British journalist, Robert Fisk, who writes forThe Independent, followed by his talk to an auditorium packed to the maximum, with 678 people attending at Concordia University’s Sir George Williams campus. The special engagement was hosted by Concordia’s student newspaper, The Link in its offices (see The Link’s interview with Fisk from 17 Feb. 2009) and was attended by numerous student journalists. Fisk repeated almost all of his comments an hour after the engagement, in the auditorium. He is amazingly consistent, as if following a set script that he can repeat almost word for word.

Fisk promises to be one in a series of high profile speakers to visit Concordia over the next weeks and months: the previous night Spike Lee spoke in the same auditorium, and we can look forward to visits by Naomi Klein, Ward Churchill, and Noam Chomsky. With any luck, I will be able to report on each of those events, with especial interest in Churchill.


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