Birds of a feather

February 24, 2009

The Rocky Mountain News has a typically purse-lipped editorial about the upcoming Ayers, Churchill, Jensen event.  It is one of the great ironies of life that our old Indian-hating friends at the Rocky probably won’t be around to witness the trial.

Who can forget the Rocky’s many, shall we say, less than savory stunts in their smear of Ward Churchill? Many of you already know my favorite: the employing of two anti-Churchill bloggers to “prove” that the Professor isn’t a real Indian.

After all, why hire professional genealogists? Besides the fact that no professional genealogist in their right mind would ever sign on to such a load of horseshit, of course.

Anyway, enjoy it while you can. Much to the great pleasure of decent people everywhere, it’s the kind of thing you won’t get to enjoy much longer.


One Response to “Birds of a feather”

  1. […] Since then, our favorite horse-breeding Ward Churchill internet stalker (and Rocky Mountain News genealogist) has attempted to refute a couple of Professor Forte’s arguments.  Thusly earning himself […]

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