Revisiting the firing of Ward Churchill

February 24, 2009

Professor Maximilian Forte, of the Open Anthropology Project, has two lengthy posts about the Ward Churchill case on his blog.  From the first post (second here):

The increasingly massive number of words produced in either defaming Ward Churchill as an academic fraud, fabricator, and plagiarist, or in rebutting these charges, alone makes an analysis of the case a complex challenge. Add to that the political positions and motivations of the various actors, the questions that continue to go without answer, the multiple layers of research misconduct of those who charge research misconduct, and complexity begins to look more like utter chaos. As Ward Churchill proceeds to the trial of the University of Colorado, there is as yet no single fact sheet that has been produced that directly, succinctly, and methodically answers all of the academic charges against Churchill — instead the information is spread across a large array of documents that I fear few will take the time to carefully consult (least of all, his critics, the many angry Little Eichmanns who continue to look for any opportunity for another public lynching). I do not proclaim that the following is the kind of fact sheet I was hoping for, but I hope it will be one step into ordering some of the documentary clutter as we proceed to follow the trial of the University of Colorado.


One Response to “Revisiting the firing of Ward Churchill”

  1. […] 25, 2009 So, yesterday I linked to a wonderful summary and dismissal  of the charges against Ward Churchill by Professor Maximilian Forte. Since then, our favorite […]

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