It’s a Maximilian Forte kind of day

February 25, 2009

Professor Maximilian Forte has been having fun all day, and continues to do so in the comments here. See, the only actual charge of fabrication leveled at Ward Churchill pertains to an 1837 Mandan smallpox epidemic, which Ward Churchill contends was introduced by the US Army at Fort Clark. That’s the allegation trotted out by all the local media hacks and bloggers whenever Ward Churchill comes up, because, as they well know, it’s the only allegation of any substance whatsoever.

The problem?

As Professor Forte reminds us, even CU’s own investigative committee, handpicked by CU’s administration specifically to find a reason to fire Churchill, admits in their own report used to fire him, that, well, he didn’t fabricate the event.

From pages 67-68.

Our investigation has found that there is some evidence in written accounts of Indian reactions in 1837 and in native oral traditions that would allow a reasonable scholar who relies heavily on such sources to reach Professor Churchill’s interpretation that smallpox was introduced deliberately among Mandan Indians near Fort Clark by the U.S. Army, using infected blankets. We therefore do not conclude that he fabricated his account.

In their words, Ward Churchill’s conclusions were “reasonable”.  

They just didn’t like the footnotes he provided.

Man, I can’t wait for March 9th.


7 Responses to “It’s a Maximilian Forte kind of day”

  1. Thanks! This is great. You would think other scholars reading these exchanges would jump in, and stop being afraid to get a little dirty. By the way, Fred is now claiming I deleted his comments…which are right there, as are my responses. These guys are plainly NUTS, at the very least their driver’s licenses should be revoked before they endanger someone with their carelessness.

  2. Tyndale Says:

    I like you.

  3. Ben, I see that Fred does not cease to spread lies, he is a legend among absolute turds. This is what I responded to on my blog:

    This is Fred Jackass moaning about his idiotic commentary:

    “Odd, but the time stamps don’t support your version. After I posted here, my stuff magically reappeared at Max’s shithole with later time stamps. Imagine!”

    Jackass, I can change a time stamp to suit if I wanted to. Clearly I did not, and you engage in another bald faced lie. You are not capable of anything better, obviously. You can alter timestamps, which is what you probably had done to make your case. The fact remains, your comment is here, it did not need to be, and I responded nonetheless.

    You fled, you are thus a cowardly jackass to boot.

  4. By the way, did you notice that “Fred” does not have any kind of academic record of his to stand by? Yet he wants to debate academic matters.

    Besides fabricating an entry by me, and no doubt fabricating timestamps to suit themselves, one of them is happy to invent statements I never made: such as the notion that I argue that the quality of one’s research is determined by the amount one publishes. Note that I say that *nowhere*. It doesn’t matter, because they have the lies on their side, so they think they “win.”

    They must feel very proud of themselves in making a case based on lies and slander, and it makes you wonder what kind of deeply empty and worthless minds are at work on that utter piece of filth with the idiotic title of “Pirate Ballerina.”

  5. Ben Says:

    Next to Snapple, Fred’s by far the dimmest bulb in that pack (with John Martin as a close second). I almost laughed out loud when he wrote that you just didn’t understand the points he was trying to make, and that’s why it looked like you were handing him his head.

  6. Helga Says:

    This is one of my favorite soap operas. Still room to improve the storyline, but there is a lot there.
    Churchill and his team are pretty smart, and they’ve had time to prepare. I need to review the lawsuit details next week. They’re suing the university, rather than the univ. president and the list of names in the review process and in state government. Those people probably committed illegal steps because they responded quickly to political pressure and didn’t spend time reading about his work or consult the law.

  7. […] smears. I am thankful for his comments on this blog, and for his posts about my blog as well (here and […]

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