Security for the Bill Ayers, Derrick Jensen, Ward Churchill event

February 26, 2009

From the Examiner.

An attorney is threatening legal action if the University of Colorado doesn’t waive a $3,000 fee for student groups hosting an appearance by formerWeather Undergroundmember Bill Ayersand fired CU professor Ward Churchill. 

Attorney David Lane said Thursday the fee is exorbitant and an unconstitutional restraint on free speech.

The university says the fee is standard for any event requiring security. CU attorney Pat O’Rourke says he’s reviewing Lane’s demand.

This is only half the story, as you’d expect from the Associated Press. The reality is, as I understand it, that none of the student groups want CU security there, nor does Ward Churchill, Bill Ayers, or Derrick Jensen. The only people demanding security are in CU’s administration, and it’s fairly obvious they’re pursuing it to punish students for organizing the event.

Again, same old CU. Cowardly, backhanded, and, as always, full of shit.


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