CU students erect free speech cage

March 3, 2009

The CU students have erected their free speech cage. From the Colorado Daily.


A University of Colorado student group made its case for fired professor Ward Churchill this afternoon outside the University Memorial Center from within the confines of a 3-foot-by-3-foot cage labeled “Free Speech.”

Members of Students for True Academic Freedom took turns reading aloud from the Churchill-sympathetic literature they handed out to passersby, alleging that Churchill’s firing was “political retaliation” by CU “for his statements on 9/11 and documentation of the genocide of American Indians.”

The event was being staged to promote Thursday’s pro-Churchill rally at the Glenn Miller Ballroom, which is being staged four days before the ex-professor’s lawsuit against CU goes to trial in Denver.

“The cage is a pretty good attention-getter,” said Nam Fernandez, of Students for True Academic Freedom. “The general reaction when people see it is they want to know more. I’ve already talked to two or three people that have become very interested in attending the trial and learning more about his case.”

One such student was freshman Darian Salehy, who stopped to watch and listen between classes before engaging in dialogue with Fernandez.

“I’m into politics; that’s why I stopped to listen,” Salehy said. “The ‘Free Speech Cage’ set-up got my attention. If there is no free speech, then people can’t share ideas and there will never be change.

“There should not be any outside control or interruption of the education process.”

The Colorado Daily has also posted audio of their interview with Bill Ayers. You can find it on the left sidebar of the above article.


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