Trial beat

March 4, 2009

Westword’s cover story this week is a series of Kenny Be cartoons about the Ward Churchill trial. As usual with Be’s work, I’m betting it’s funny and has some kind of point, if only one were to look hard enough. I’d rather waste my time dragging my eyes through gravel, but if you wanna try to figure it out, have at it.


4 Responses to “Trial beat”

  1. WCSN Says:


    Get a load of today’s Vince Carroll column..crying around about the Polis comments on the RMN. Remember Carroll is the guy who took a shot at Vine Deloria on the day of his funeral?

  2. Ben Says:

    Thanks, sir. I heard him delivering his sob story on Caplis and Silverman this afternoon, a catch in his voice as he described how personally he took Polis’ comments. Same old Carroll: what few ethics he actually has only apply to himself.

  3. […] 5, 2009 So, as I’m gathering, some of the folks who Kenny Be caricatured in his inane Westword cover piece are a little irritated. Basically, what Be seems to have done is troll Facebook pages, sketch up […]

  4. […] as y’all recall, last week Westword ran a typically unfunny series of cartoons by Kenny Be about the Ward Churchill Trial, which included a number of caricatures of CU students. Figuring […]

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