Still going

March 13, 2009

Caplis and Silverman had some audio from the trial again yesterday, as well as interviews with Hank Brown and Bill Owens here, here, and here.

A few highlights:

  • 6:58, hour one, David Lane questions CU’s then-President Hank Brown about his decision to fire Ward Churchill against the recommendation of the Privilege and Tenure Committee. This is an important point, in that the P&T Committee should have been the final result of CU’s due process; they were the body Ward Churchill appealed the SCRM findings to, and they found that he should not be dismissed. Brown does his damndest to dance around Lane’s questions, and comes off pretty poorly, as even Craig Silverman admits.
  • Brown’s dancing continues throughout the testimony. David Lane later reminds him of his statement that he believes that there are more liberals in universities than conservatives; Hank Brown denies he said any such thing. Then, when David Lane shows him in deposition nodding in answer to that self-same question, Brown tries to state that he was only nodding to acknowledge he heard the question. Then Brown gets caught in another fairly senseless contradiction a few minutes later, when he claims that he’d heard of Ward Churchill prior to the controversy, and is contradicted by his own deposition, which he then admits. Again, he doesn’t come off as particularly nefarious in this exchange — just a bit on the senile side.
  • 0:01, hour two, the interview with Hank Brown kicks off. Three rightwing cronies clucking together, nothing much to hear. The only truly bizarre moment comes around 4:40 when Hank Brown claims that ACTA, of which he is a co-founder, is not a conservative group. Here’s their Media Transparency page showing their money trail. Decide for yourself.
  • 0:01, hour three, an interview with Bill Owens. It sounds like three sleazy used car salesmen chortling over their next victim.

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