She means philandering, murdering child molester in a good way

March 16, 2009

Sounds like this morning’s going even better than anything from last week, which is saying something. Mimi Wesson, who was the head of SCRM’s investigative committee, was busted in at least one out-and-out lie in front of the jury — she said she never requested to be made head of the committee, which she did, and had already admitted to in deposition — and has spent the better part of the morning feigning the sort of memory lapses which Bill Owens perfected last week.

And then there was this from the Daily Camera.

Churchill lawyer David Lane pounded CU law professor Marianne Wesson during testimony this morning for an email she wrote to a colleague about the developing controversy surrounding an essay on 9/11 that Ward Churchill had written several years earlier.

Wesson served as the chair of the CU investigative committee that looked into allegations of academic misconduct by Churchill.

“You would agree that the hallmark of due process is an unbiased judge,” Lane asked Wesson. She agreed.

He then put an email up on the screen that Wesson had written in February 2005 in which she expressed that she was “somewhat mystified by the variety of people this unpleasant (to say the least) individual has been able to enlist to defend him.”

She later wrote: “We aren’t all out there defending Bob Guccione’s First Amendment rights, although God Knows he has them.”

Guccione founded the pornographic magazine Penthouse.

Lane asked her why she was drawing a “very negative comparison” between his client and a man who peddles hardcore pornography for a living.

What she meant, she testified, is that both Churchill’s essay and Guccione’s product were not helpful in contributing to a “less violent, more livable world.”

She admitted to Lane that she had never met Churchill at that point.

Lane went deeper into the email and pulled out another sentence Wesson had written that read: “But the rallying around Churchill reminds me unhappily of the rallying around O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton and now Michael Jackson and other charismatic male celebrity wrongdoers.”

Lane asked Wesson if the comparisons she made between his client and the men she mentioned unfavorably in her email was essentially lumping the former professor into what she considered a reprehensible group.

Wesson responded that she wasn’t saying that Churchill was like those men but that the blind support he was receiving from people was similar to the public embrace those three men received.

“You were saying rallying around O.J. Simpson, a double murderer; Bill Clinton, a philandering liar; and Michael Jackson; a child molester, was the same as rallying around Ward Churchill?” Lane asked.

Wesson agreed.

Lane also took the opportunity to ask Wesson about quotation marks she had put around the words “academic freedom” in her email. She said she was using the quotation marks to get across a point in a sarcastic manner about the Churchill brouhaha rather than referencing exact words from a document.

“So quotes can mean different things in different contexts?” Lane asked, a clear reference to the conversation earlier in the morning when a previous witness had been asked whether Churchill had misused quotation marks in his academic work.

There’s times I wonder that CU is even bothering with a trial. Really, it seems like they know their case is unwinnable and are simply going through the motions in hopes of appeasing public outrage.


One Response to “She means philandering, murdering child molester in a good way”

  1. WCSN Says:

    Apparently the CU attorneys haven’t heard that the RMN has been deep sixed.

    Also, the worse this trial goes for CU, the further it is moving to the back of the back of the cowtown media coverage.

    I’m wondering if the cowtown media will even report Churchill’s victory.

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