Damn ethnics

March 18, 2009

Race to the Bottom has yesterday’s morning and afternoon posts up, and on balance they seem to consider yesterday’s testimony a draw, if not slightly in Churchill’s favor.

They also have some interesting analysis from John Holcomb, Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies, who seems to be suggesting that the case is devolving into a crusade by CU against Ethnic Studies as a whole, and American Indian Studies in particular.

Given CU’s checkered history, that seems likely.  And for a number of reasons, I’m deeply hoping it’s the case. It’ll set the rightwing anti-Churchill types all a’twitter with joy, of course, but I also think it’s gotta be a losing proposition. Especially with this jury.

I didn’t see anything on KHOW’s podcasts from yesterday to indicate they’d played any trial audio, and I couldn’t bring myself to scan it just in case. Sorry, but there’s only so much of those two shitheels I can take.


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