Media log lumps

March 20, 2009

Not My Tribe is less than impressed with media coverage of the Ward Churchill trial.

So far we’ve noticed a strange media dyslexia about the Churchill vs CU trial. When we’ve attended, the proceedings look like a rout for truth and prosperity. When we haven’t made it to Denver and have had to rely on the internet coverage, it seems the tide turns. How do you suppose that could be? Are they blind?

While I’ve been content to revel in the excitement, of clackering laptop keyboards all about me, I hadn’t snooped over anyone’s shoulder until this week. The Boulder Camera reporter, after he’d posted his story before the first morning break, busied himself with emails, ultimately watching a video with the Denver Post correspondent perched over his shoulder. Later another media log lump monopolized the remaining power outlet to play solitaire.

I’ll second that.  I’ll also add that given the wholly biased, vicious, and often outright fantastical nature of the local media coverage as a whole, that’s hardly surprising. And that includes Denver’s so-called alternative media sources, like Westword, which have provided nothing so much as a substantially dumbed-down echo chamber for their mainstream counterparts.

That’s what makes DU’s lawschool blog so exciting, at least to me. For the first time in four years it’s actually possible to get in-depth, unbiased coverage of the Churchill case. That it ain’t penned by professional journalists, nor even aspiring journalists, pretty much says everything there is to say about Denver’s news media.


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