Getting to court on the RTD

March 23, 2009

For those of you from Boulder who want to attend the trial but lack a car, the Boulder/Denver B bus is a great option. You can find a map of the route here and the schedule here.  I recommend the Express, which is indicated with a BX on the schedule.  The fare is $3.50 for the express and (I think) $4.50 for the regional non-express.

To get to the courthouse, ride the B bus to its final stop at Market Street Station, and exit to Sixteenth Street, where you can catch the MallRide.  Ride the MallRide (or walk) about twelve blocks east on Sixteenth to Cleveland, and then turn right and walk two blocks south to Colfax, where you’ll see the City and County Courthouse on the corner of Colfax and Bannock.  The entrance is on the Bannock side, facing Civic Center Park.

If you get lost, ask anybody in Denver where Civic Center Park is.  Once you make your way to the park, just look for the oversized, cement, all-too-governmental building to the west.


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