It almost hurts to watch

March 24, 2009

Did I say Ward owns O’Rourke?

Yeah, I really, really, really meant exactly that: Ward OWNS O’Rourke.

Check this one out.

O’Rourke got his first crack at Churchill at 10 a.m. and he bored in on both the Cohen essay and another piece, published under the name Rebecca Robbins, which the former professor contends he wrote.

O’Rourke pointed out that Churchill edited Cohen’s essay for inclusion in a book he was publishing, and noted that they passed drafts back and forth. In one of them, according to O’Rourke, Cohen made changes on nine different pages and to 15 separate footnotes.

Later, he said, after Cohen withdrew permission for the essay to also be published in a second book that Churchill was editing, large portions of her essay appeared without her name on it.

At one point, O’Rourke asked Churchill whether he was telling the jury that when he edited the second book just months after the first he didn’t recognize Cohen’s prose.

“Yes, that’s what I’m telling them,” Churchill said.

But O’Rourke’s questioning backfired when he asked Churchill a second time how he could not have known both essays were written by Cohen when they had the same name. After Churchill challenged that assertion, O’Rourke had the two essays put up on a big screen in the corner of the courtroom, and that showed the two articles were, indeed, titled differently.

“You know what professor, you are right, I am wrong,” O’Rourke said.


5 Responses to “It almost hurts to watch”

  1. tom Says:

    “Yes, that’s what I’m telling them.” This might be a deceptive statement. Instead of answering, “I did not recognize Cohen’s prose.” What one is telling someone and what is true may be two different things.

    (And yes I am a big fan of Churchill). Unfortunately, I see some linguistic red flags in the way he answers certain things.

  2. Ben Says:

    I don’t know, I more sense simple exasperation with O’Rourke’s repetition.

  3. tom Says:

    The “absolutely not” may be problematic. A less deceptive response would be a simple “No.” Thus it is possible that Brown is being deceptive because the “absolutely” is somewhat overcompensating. Clinton said “absolutely not” and that deviated from his “No, sir” answers.

    “Would you participate in a scheme to railroad a professor out of the university on false pretenses?” O’Rourke asked.

    “Absolutely not,” Brown replied.

  4. tom Says:

    Churchill attorney David Lane played a portion of a videotaped deposition in which CU President Elizabeth Hoffman talked about a call from Owens.

    “He said, ‘Fire Ward Churchill tomorrow,'” Hoffman said. “And I said, `You know I can’t do that,’ and he said, `Then I will unleash my plan,’ and it was very threatening. … It was a short but very threatening phone call.”

    “I don’t recall it being in that tenor,” Owens said. “I assume I had a conversation with Dr. Hoffman around that period of time.”

    [Owens seems deceptive here–though I do not have the transcript. In the first sentence, he says he does not remember “it” (the phone call) being in the “tenor” Hoffman stated. In the second sentence he says he “assumes” he had a conversation while in the other sentence he claims the conversation was not in the tone she claimed it was. He may being deceptive because in one sentence he only “assuming” the call took place while in the other sentence he denies the call was in the “tenor” Hoffman described it].

  5. Look, I just want to know one thing:

    When will the CU defense call in its big guns, its secret weapons, its heavy hitters, like Snapple and the other fungal inhabitants of that petri dish that calls itself Pirate Ballerina.

    At least Snapple, please, the very name speaks to a great dignity and monumental intellectual stature. Without Snapple, and tiny JonBenet pageant photos to hand out to jurors, their case is lost.

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