Packed, noisy, and stuffy

March 24, 2009

Race to the Bottom’s coverage of Ward Churchill’s testimony yesterday is up.  Get thee over there and read it.

What’s interesting (and entirely foreseeable) is that for all the hopeful speculation from the anti-Churchill bloc, the big guy seems to have struck the media as pretty likeable.

This from Westword.

Even his detractors in the media (and they are legion) would have to admit that he’s a compelling communicator, and his loquacious nature makes it difficult to get a sense of his arguments in standard news coverage.

This ain’t surprising to anyone who knows Ward, of course. As much as the rightwing nuts of the world like to describe him as personally loathsome, he’s a compelling and charismatic speaker. 

Everything I’m hearing is that the trial’s all but in the bag for the good guys. The jackass bloggers who once wagged the media’s tail have all but started gnawing on the bannisters in rage, and, without the Rocky Mountain News to take ’em seriously, are gonna start feeding on each other at any moment.

I’m gonna withhold jubilation to the best of my ability. But, Christ, is this fun.


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