Ward owns O’Rourke

March 24, 2009

So, this is going even better than I thought.  The following from the Denver Post. It’s real hard not to notice that the journalist ends every single segment with a perfect riposte from the big guy.

Jesus, it has to feel incredible for Ward to finally be able to have this showdown with his accusers.

11:49 a.m.

O’Rourke and Churchill are going back and forth over established standards of ghostwriting and proper citations in the academic community.

O’Rourke: “You brought these people to trial. You brought all these people in precisely to tell the jury what the standards are, and none of them say that this is the common practice. We have 20 tenured faculty members at the University of Colorado, all of them who agree and say this is wrong.”

Churchill: “I would disagree and point out that I would continue to disagree. This 20 may feel that way, there may be 40 more, who knows?”


O’Rourke: “Is there one person other than you who is going to come in here and say this is OK? Why haven’t you brought a single person in here to establish this is a standard accepted practice?”

Churchill: “Every time I bring in a witness you ask why I did not bring in a different witness. You either have evidence of something that violates a standard practice and I have not seen it.”

O’Rourke: “In this particular case we have seen that the University of Colorado believes that this is below the standards of integrity.”

Churchill: “Citing nothing.”

11:33 a.m.

O’Rourke is challenging Churchill’s assertions that he did not plagiarize the scholarly writings of Arizona State University professor Rebecca Robbins in a book being produced by his ex-wife and professor M. Annette Jaimes.

O’Rourke is asking Churchill why he did not bring Jaimes and Robbins into court to verify that Robbins allowed Churchill to ghostwrite the essay in the book and Robbins agreed to sign off on them and put her name as author.

“Somehow I am guilty and need to prove my innocence?” Churchill asked.

10:26 a.m.

O’Rourke is asking Churchill about the effect his Sept. 11 essay had on the university and how it outraged potential sources of the school’s funding.

Churchill has complained that CU tried to prevent him from speaking at the University Memorial Center during the uproar over the 9-11 essay, citing security issues. Churchill and his legal team have argued that the university was trying to silence Churchill because of the controversy and it did not have anything to do with security concerns.

But O’Rourke pointed to an interview that Churchill did with the campus newspaper in which he said he had received death threats over the controversy.

“In that article, you discussed dozens of death threats you received?” O’Rourke said. “You certainly would not want a student to get hurt if someone takes a shot at you and misses.”

“No more than I would want a student to suffer for going to see Ann Coulter for example,” Churchill answered, eliciting laughter from the courtroom audience.

Judge Naves has called a mid-morning recess.


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