Can someone find O’Rourke a rock to climb under?

March 25, 2009

Race to the Bottom has its coverage up of yesterday’s testimony. How do they think it’s going? Their overview of the morning testimony is subtitled Score one for the Plaintiff, and their overview of the jury’s questions is subtitled Bad News for the Defense.

And to top it off, from Race to the Bottom’s coverage of the afternoon testimony, CU then called a CU regent who just happens to be either the single dumbest man to ever public office, or the single worst liar.

On cross-examination by Mr. Lane, Regent Bishop seemed confused by the questions and the pressure exerted by Mr. Lane. He finally recalled that, as a state senator at the time (2/2/2005), he had not participated in the unanimous joint House and Senate Resolution to voice the General Assembly’s outrage over the 9/11 Churchill essay. He also stated emphatically that he did not take into account, whatsoever, the 9/11 Churchill essay in deciding to terminate Churchill. Pressed by Lane, Bishop said he not only did not read the 9/11 essay, but he does not know whether the essay compared the 9/11 victims in a favorable or unfavorable light. Both Lane and the jury seemed stunned and Lane pressed Bishop on this point several times—“for all you know, the essay could be comparing the victims to the Boys Scouts” and Bishop said “yes.” Bishop also said he did not read all of the Investigative Report trusting CU’s faculty on the committee investigating the allegations.

It’s also worth noting that while Mr. Bishop is here admitting he didn’t even bother to read the SCRM report, he had the following to say during examination by O’Rourke, only minutes before.

Stating he did not just “rubber stamp” the decision of the Investigative Committee and the Privilege & Tenure Committee, he came to the conclusion that Churchill could not be allowed to return to the classroom for the simple reason that CU expects students to meet the highest standards in regards to research conduct, then CU should expect and require that these highest standards are also met by CU’s faculty.

Got it. So he didn’t rubber stamp the decision, he just decided to approve it without EVEN READING THE REPORT.

If this is to be the caliber of CU’s witnesses, one wonders if they might just wanna rest their case right now and save themselves further embarassment.


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