It gets better

March 25, 2009

The jury questions for Todd Gleeson, the Dean of CU’s College of Arts and Sciences, as follows from the Daily Camera. I don’t wanna get over-optimistic here, but this is reading like an absolute slaughter for the good guys.

Todd Gleeson, dean of CU’s College of Arts and Sciences, fielded several blunt questions from the jury after he finished his testimony this afternoon.

The juror questions were submitted to Denver Chief District Judge Larry Naves, vetted by the attorneys in the case, and then posed to the witness by the judge.

One juror wanted to know if the friction that had developed between alumni and parents and the university subsided as a result of Ward Churchill’s termination.

Gleeson said “for the most part, the wounds have healed.” But he said he still gets questions about the Churchill controversy when he travels and that the matter still has an affect on the school’s reputation.

Another juror question addressed testimony given by several university faculty and administrators throughout the trial that stated that one of the reasons Churchill was dismissed was that he never apologized and owned up to his mistakes.

“Do you feel someone should apologize for something they dont find they did wrong just to satisfy others,” read the jury question.

Gleeson responded by saying if 20 or more fellow faculty members determined that his behavior was out of line, “I would hope I could swallow my pride and apologize for those acts and correct the record.”

Another juror asked if the school made it clear that it supported Churchill’s First Amendment rights after the hubbub over his 9/11 essay bubbled up.

Gleeson testified that then-Chancellor Phil DiStefano was very deliberate about protecting the professor’s free speech rights while the school tried to determine if he had overstepped his bounds or not.

Churchill attorney David Lane asked Gleeson if CU was really concerned about Churchill’s free speech rights.

He put up on the screen a February 2005 resolution from the CU regents and pointed out that it essentially said the school would investigate Churchill to see if it could find grounds for dismissing him.

Lane also showed the jury a couple of other proclamations from the resolution that stated that CU welcomed Churchill’s decision to resign his chairmanship with the ethnic studies department and apologized to the country for his “disgraceful comments.”

“Does that sound like a ringing endorsement of the First Amendment?” Lane asked.

I also hear that David Lane had this line for Gleeson during cross-examination:  “What are you an expert in again? Invertebrate biology? So, the study of animals that lack a backbone?”


2 Responses to “It gets better”

  1. Daisy Says:

    “I also hear that David Lane had this line for Gleeson during cross-examination: ”What are you an expert in again? Invertebrate biology? So, the study of animals that lack a backbone?”’

    ROFLMAO!!!! 🙂

  2. Personally, I am not ready to assume any particular outcome. Things can change very drastically, many times, once deliberations begin. The discussion can become quite complicated, because there are two tracks here: the political one, and the academic conduct track. Lane still has an awful lot of work to do with his closing argument, because he has to align everything on one track, or the jurors will drive themselves nuts poring over every little footnote without even knowing why. Lane has to underline that the CU report was deeply flawed, contradictory, contestable, and should not have led to firing Churchill…without reciting all the petty details about this or that footnote, or the source of the source of a source.

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