KHOW audio of Ward’s testimony

March 25, 2009

KHOW has audio of yesterday’s testimony by Ward Churchill here and here, and analysis here. I listened to most of it live yesterday, and after the jury’s questions Caplis and Silverman were absolutely livid, as they were coming to the same conclusion as me: Ward’s stomping a mudhole in CU’s ass.

Anyway, check back with this post throughout the day as I’ll be updating with highlights.

Update: 8:15, hour one, Churchill points out that the folks investigating him might wanna actually read the footnotes they’re purporting to fire him for misrepresenting.  The punchline comes around 11:10.

And maybe I’m just being snide, but Craig Silverman might improve his running commentary if he actually knew the names of the people he’s pretending to be an expert on.  That’d be RUSSELL Thornton, Mr. Silverman, I don’t know who the hell Richard is. He’s also consistently wrong on the subject matter, telling his listeners that Churchill is discussing the General Allotment Act when he’s talking about the number of those who died in the Mandan smallpox epidemic, and then telling his listeners they’re talking about documented accounts of deliberate germ warfare, when they’re actually discussing circumstantial evidence for John Smith having infected the Wampanoag.

That’s nitpicking, but it’s pointing out one of the problems media commenters have consistently had: they’re too soft on their history to make any sense of what the debates actually are. It’s a problem that certainly seems shared by CU’s head attorney, Patrick O’Rourke, something which Silverman admits at 11:40, basically saying that when the discussion turns to, like, history and stuff, you’re in Churchill’s territory.

Which is kinda the point, isn’t it?

Update II: 24:40, 29:35, hour one, Ward rakes O’Rourke over the coals about whether or not ghostwriting is an accepted practice. It’s almost amazing how unfamiliar O’Rourke seems to be.  Not only about his own witnesses, but about generally accepted academic practice.

Update III: 5:20, hour two, the jury questions. And then a whole bunch of whining and second-guessing by Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman, as they start to come to the understanding that this dog won’t hunt.


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