Update on Craig Silverman’s takeover of CU’s defense

March 31, 2009

So, I’m just starting to listen to the audio of yesterday’s Caplis and Silverman show, where we’ll see if shockjock lawyer makes any reference to the public about his new role as CU’s lead attorney.

And it sure as hell doesn’t take very long to find Craig Silverman noting Pat O’Rourke’s odd behavior in the courtroom. At 4:15, hour one, Craig Silverman begins the Churchill coverage by noting a shift in Pat O’Rourke’s strategy. Seems Mr. O’Rourke suddenly decided suddenly to start getting more aggressive with Churchill, and was highlighting unrelated inflammatory statements by the good professor. In fact, Silverman goes on about how he almost had to stand up and cheer when O’Rourke started, y’know, quoting verbatim the material which Silverman had just handed him. 

Of course, Craig Silverman never mentions his own part in O’Rourke’s sudden shift in behavior.

For good reason. Why, it might look like this thing has been a media lynching all along.

Updates to come as I wade through the rest of it.

Update: It’s almost pathetic. Not only do Caplis and Silverman not admit that they’re behind O’Rourke’s sudden and desparate change in tactics, Caplis keeps repeating that what he’s saying is “just one guy’s opinion”, and that he has no control over CU’s tactics.

He’s just a regular Joe, y’know. Except for that whole leading a lynch mob thing.

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