Wagging the dog

March 31, 2009

As most of you know, I’ve been long of the opinion that the local media, particularly lawyer shockjocks Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman at KHOW, have been responsible for the investigation into Ward Churchill’s writings, and the trumped up findings of academic misconduct. 

Well, now it seems they’ve decided to start coordinating CU’s case directly.

I got this update from someone who was in the courtroom today. I’ve since corroborated it with other folks who were attending.

You know how Silverman has been tearing into O’Rourke for not challenging Ward Churchill’s position that he wasn’t a cheerleader for 9/11? As well as criticizing O’Rourke for his dull courtroom manner? Well, today during David Lane’s cross of Pat Hayes, Silverman comes into the courtroom, sits in the media row and hands O’Rourke a document which apparently had examples of Ward’s “inflammatory” statements. On his redirect, O’Rourke gets super animated in a really weird uncharacteristic way, and uses all of these quotes to ask Hayes “is this the kind of thing people were complaining about?” repeatedly. Hayes, of course, agrees, etc. As soon as Silverman leaves the courtroom O’Rourke calms down and goes back to his usual tactic of boring the jury into submission. How very odd. Talk about the media controlling the puppet strings.

It’s no secret that Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman have become increasingly frustrated with CU’s case, and have been begging CU’s attorney, Pat O’Rourke,  to find ways to interject other statements by Ward Churchill which they consider inflammatory.  I have yet to listen to the audio from today’s show, but will on the morrow, and update accordingly.

What it proves, of course, is what I’ve claimed all along. Not only is the real issue Churchill’s political speech, but CU has been completely and absolutely subservient to the demands of the media.

More to come.

10 Responses to “Wagging the dog”

  1. Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez Says:

    I appreciate this blog so much. But is the date wrong on this post? LSG

  2. trm49 Says:

    Following the advice of those 2 douchebags has led CU to the edge of the cliff. CU might as well continue to obey their orders and plunge over the edge. Maybe it will be a learning moment for those who think the 2 KHOW douchebags are sage advisers.

  3. Ben Says:

    Yes, Ms. Gonzalez, the date probably is wrong. For some reason the template has the date set ahead by a few hours. It’s annoying, and I apologize.

    And, right on trm49, here’s hoping they just follow the goons off the cliff.

  4. Snakes on a plane Says:

    I agree. I really hope they follow Caplis and Silverman off a cliff.

    When I listen to the show, I can never figure out why the ambulance chaser Caplis has the great prosecutor Silvermans nuts in vice. At least that explains that voice.

  5. […] March 31, 2009 So, I’m just starting to listen to the audio of yesterday’s Caplis and Silverman show, where we’ll see if shockjock lawyer makes any reference to the public about his new role as CU’s lead attorney. […]

  6. Petunia Says:

    Do you think it’s like a public defender having limited time to prepare? This was a large case, and I bet the university let him have several months, but Silverman and others have spent years on this.

  7. […] . . . wonder what all the hubbub could be about? Posted by Ben Filed in Craig Silverman, Ward […]

  8. […] been playing. Which may be true, of course, but it would lead one to wonder why he also handed said document to O’Rourke in the courtroom, driving poor Mr. O’Rourke into a nigh frenzy. Then there’s 13:55, where Silverman […]

  9. […] It is possible, of course, that Mr. O’Rourke went out and tracked down a number of Ward Churchill CDs and just happened across the same quotes on which Caplis and Silverman have been riding four years of ratings. I consider a wee bit more likely that said quotes were in the packet Craig Silverman handed him in the courtroom this week. […]

  10. […] of Ward’s protected speech by O’Rourke, including the quotes from the audio that Craig Silverman kept pushing at O’Rourke; they felt this clearly showed the nature of CU’s witchhunt. The real battle begins now. […]

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