March 31, 2009

Craig Silverman’s on the air over at KHOW right now whining about reports that he (meaning the local media, I hope) controls CU.

He’s also claiming that David Lane just called him asking him to come in as a witness for, get this, Ward Churchill.

Hmm . . . wonder what all the hubbub could be about?

Update: Strike whining, make that bleeding from the eyes and frothing at the mouth. There’s no doubt they think this thing’s a winner for Churchill. But, also, underlying their general dismay seems to ride the realization that they’ve been very much a part of the reason CU never had a chance.

It doesn’t get anymore delicious than this.

Update II: David Lane’s calling into the Caplis and Silverman show right now.

Update III: Craig Silverman will NOT be testifying. Shit.

Update IV: Jesus Christ, I think Caplis and Silverman would murder and eat David Lane were he in the studio with them.


2 Responses to “Whining”

  1. jwpaine Says:

    Doubt they’d be that interested. They’ve no doubt gotten their fill of shit sandwiches by now.

  2. trm49 Says:

    I see Pony Pimp is pretending the outcome of this trial will not reflect on either his credbility or that of Caplis and Silverman. Should Churchill win this trial, all of the stunned wingnuts will realize these losers have been blowing smoke up their azz the whole time.

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