No posting today unless there’s a decision

April 1, 2009

I’ll be in court watching closing arguments. For near-live updates, see the Daily Camera. It also never hurts to keep track of Westword, especially when Michael Roberts has his teeth in something (in this case Craig Silverman’s ample ass).


2 Responses to “No posting today unless there’s a decision”

  1. Tyndale Says:

    I’m so glad O’Rourke started following the shock jock model. It’s the best thing we could have hoped for. Attacking Churchill for his political beliefs in the courtroom just highlights the fact that those beliefs are what he was fired for. Wonderful. I’m doing a little jig inside.

  2. Exactly Tyndale, it was a stupid move of a classic nature, to close your argument by reinforcing that of your adversary. Politically, it is even more stupid to bellow neo-con lines in a city that went wild over Obama and “change.”

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