Silverman lies again

April 1, 2009

So Craig Silverman seems to be ducking Michael Roberts, but he made reference several times on today’s show to the fact that rumors abounded that he was trying to horn in on CU’s case. You can find hour one here, and hour two here.

Hour one consists primarily of Caplis and Silverman whining that CU had not availed themselves of the irrelevant audio they’d been running of decontextualized snippets of Ward Churchill engaging in entirely protected political speech. However, at about 23:00, they get Churchill’s attorney, David Lane, on the line. When he can get a word in edgewise over Silverman’s braying, Lane handles them with all the aplomb we’ve come to expect. In fact, he even challenges Dan Caplis to a substantive, point-by-point debate on each of the academic misconduct allegations. Caplis accepts, but call me cynical, I figure it to take place just about when them proverbial pigs take up wings. 

Hour two is when Silverman starts spinning. Silverman has been, by this time, alluding several times to the fact that he might have possibly, y’know, maybe forwarded some of their Ward Churchill quotes to CU’s attorney Pat O’Rourke. Understanding that the jig is up, he begins to kinda fess up around 6:40, stating that he emailed Pat O’Rourke a copy of a document with all the quotes that they’d been playing. Which may be true, of course, but it would lead one to wonder why he also handed said document to O’Rourke in the courtroom, driving poor Mr. O’Rourke into a nigh frenzy. Then there’s 13:55, where Silverman notes that he “made sure CU had that available during the end of this trial”, and goes on to sat that he put it out there and told them what to do.

Now Silverman keeps saying O’Rourke didn’t follow through with the material he’d given him. But, as my sources have it, he did, and the jury responded with yawns and irritation.

We’ll see if Mr. Silverman ever clears this up with Mr. Roberts of Westword.

My guess is that’ll happen just about when Dan Caplis takes David Lane up on a substantive debate about Ward Churchill’s so-called misconduct.


2 Responses to “Silverman lies again”

  1. King of all apes Says:

    I think the CU defense has realized they lost, so they are capitulating to the media hounds who will attack them nonstop for “not going hard enough at Churchill” if they don’t bring up the “inflammatory speech.”

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