And you’ll excuse me this moment of excess

April 3, 2009

(Cover the kids’ ears.)

I’ve spent the last four years watching a good man get his name drug through the mud for making the eminently reasonable point that you ought not be killing other peoples’ kids. And that if you are in the business of killing other peoples’ kids, they have the absolute right to fight back in any way they can.

I’ve seen the most vicious smear campaign of my lifetime. A horde of shiteating columnists and radio shockjocks have made it their life’s work to destroy one man. They went after his life, his livelihood, his family, and his reputation. There is no level to which they haven’t stooped to ruin him.

I’ve watched Denver’s local media crawl like dogs to eat the shit of their canine superiors in the rightwing national media. There has not been a single article in the Denver media to actually interrogate the trumped-up charges of academic misconduct levelled by the hopelessly biased CU investigative committee. Not one. Like with their coverage of the Iraq war (or for that matter, the preceding sanctions), they have gone to incredible lengths to never actually investigate the shit they were more than willing to eat out of the paws of their presumed betters.

Moreover, in that so-called bastion of higher learning at CU, I can count on my fingers and toes those faculty members who were willing to actually stand up and point out the absurdity of the smear campaign launched against Ward Churchill. Almost to a man or woman, they refused to make any kind of stand for the principles they pretended, every day, to represent. Nothing has been more disheartening than the absolute, unmitigated cowardice of the faculty of my alma mater. I’ve met pedophiles and rapists with whom I’d rather share an occupation.

But, I’ve also watched Ward Churchill, with his family, put their stake in the ground and refused to back up an inch. That’s what courage is, and I’ve been proud as hell just to witness it. In the last round of McCarthyism, there were very few to fight back. I think of Dashiell Hammett, and I think of Ward Churchill.

So this one’s for CU. And for Bill O’Reilly, Caplis and Silverman, Vincent Carroll, and the rest of the Denver media. 

Fuck you.



7 Responses to “And you’ll excuse me this moment of excess”

  1. Beautifully said!

    I am on top of the world tonight, and I am absolutely reveling and basking in the piles of sour grapes unloaded by the various fascist trolls (not least of which is the shit flock at Pirate Ballerina). They keep damaging themselves with more contradictions: now it is all the fault of “sloth and incompetence” at CU…you would think they would pause for a moment and ask themselves if all this sloth and incompetence might have found an expression in that ass rag of an investigative report they produced, or the reams of toilet paper they assembled under the guise of a legal case.

    Ben, you should come to Montreal along with Ward in about 12 days, so we can celebrate together.

  2. trm49 Says:

    CU obediently follows the orders of these shitheels and is rewarded by having scorn heaped upon them by whom??? The very same shitheels that have been ordering them around all this time.

  3. wildandfree Says:

    Victory! It is a great day. I had the privelege of meeting and speaking with Ward in Charlottesville Virginia a couple of years ago. He’s an inspiring man, and finally has something the smile about after all this garbage that has been thrown his way. Good on you Ward.

  4. Ben Says:

    Right on, everybody.It doesn’t get better’n this. Great posts, Max. I sure as hell wish I could be there in Montreal to celebrate.

  5. Daisy Says:

    Well put, Ben! 🙂

  6. […] is Benjamin Whitmer’s piece, “And you’ll excuse me this moment of excess,” for 03 April 2009, from which I copy the following for so perfectly summing up a number of […]

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