Caplis and Silverman get cross-examined by Churchill juror

April 3, 2009

Starting at 36:15 here, one of the jurors, Bethany, calls in to KHOW, to correct Caplis and Silverman’s assertion that only one juror wanted to give Ward Churchill a lump sum, to make it clear that the jurors considered CU’s allegations of academic misconduct laughable, and to explain the reason for the $1 award for damages — the short answer being that David Lane never presented any case at all as to what the damages should be, so they didn’t have any evidence to consider. Which is probably because, as Ward Churchill and David Lane have been saying all along, this isn’t about money.

It’s about getting his job back.

Listen to it. It doesn’t get any more delicious than this.


2 Responses to “Caplis and Silverman get cross-examined by Churchill juror”

  1. […] maybe the geniuses at the Denver Post just missed yesterday’s call into the Caplis and Silverman show by one of the jurors. Y’know, the one where she explained exactly why they voted for nominal […]

  2. Stowe Says:

    Their treatment of the juror is a bit passive aggressive; the man with the clearer voice keeps saying how great it is that she served, but then they play past recordings which aren’t really germaine to the legal questions on the jury instructions.

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