Lying liars and the lies they tell

April 3, 2009

This from the Denver Post’s editorial board. Which, I’m thinking, now includes Vincent Carroll.

Ward Churchill got a dollar more than he deserved.

A jury decided Thursday that the former University of Colorado professor was fired in retaliation for a controversial essay, yet awarded him a mere dollar in damages, the minimum allowable.

Maybe the jury came to the conclusion there was enough blame to go around. How else do you explain the rationale?

Hmm, maybe the geniuses at the Denver Post just missed yesterday’s call into the Caplis and Silverman show by one of the jurors. Y’know, the one where she explained exactly why they voted for nominal damages.

Or maybe the staff at the Denver Post are, well, still lying. I’d guess that after four years of it, it might be kind of hard to break the habit.


One Response to “Lying liars and the lies they tell”

  1. […] with Bethany Newill, the only juror talking. (Although they haven’t deigned to correct yesterday’s editorial, which Ms. Newill is directly […]

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