Wonder why the rest of the jury’s not talking?

April 4, 2009

The Denver Post has finally decided to acknowledge what the jury is actually saying about its verdict, running an interview with Bethany Newill, the only juror talking. (Although they haven’t deigned to correct yesterday’s editorial, which Ms. Newill is directly contradicting.)

To some degree, I think we can all thank Michael Roberts for this story getting out there at all. But, more, we have to be incredibly thankful for the courage of Ms. Newill. She’s doing everything she can to set the record straight, and for her efforts, she is — as the comments in the Denver Post article attest — being attacked by every little chickenshit asshole in Denver. And the attack’s not restricted to comment trolls and bloggers. Caplis and Silverman have launched a couple of dozen snide asides her way, and it’s only a matter of time before the newspapers join in.

Unlike me, she never set out to start a fight. She’s just trying to correct the obvious and continuing lies being thrown out there by the shockjocks at KHOW and the pundits in the local newspapers. And for her trouble, she’s getting the whole-hog smear treatment.

Here’s to her. I wish to God we’d had five more with her courage on CU’s faculty, in the media, or on the board of regents, instead of the gutless clones we were stuck with. We might have averted this idiotic witchhunt altogether. Hell, we might even live in a state with some regard for the, like, Constitution.


One Response to “Wonder why the rest of the jury’s not talking?”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Bethany Newill has integrity to take a principled stand. She is brave!

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