That’s why we love him

April 8, 2009

From the Daily Camera.

Churchill, who won a wrongful-termination lawsuit against the university last week, said he doesn’t accept the contention that dissatisfaction with his presence on campus should prevent his reinstatement.

“If it would make a bunch of people uncomfortable on the Boulder campus, what’s the argument?” Churchill said. “They violated my rights, therefore to spare them discomfort I should not be restored to what I was unlawfully deprived of? That’s somewhat tenuous.”

For those at CU who can’t stand having him so close, Churchill has an offer:

“If it really makes you that uncomfortable, you’re free to leave,” he said.

. . .

Churchill said, in the end, it’s up to him whether to accept reinstatement if it is awarded.

He would first have to assess whether CU, which he said had “degenerated to a not very glorified vo-tec, a trade school” still met his standards.


4 Responses to “That’s why we love him”

  1. Anti-Eichmann Says:

    Hot DAMN! That last comment really hit the nail on the head. The Uni-farce-ity of Colorado isn’t worthy of Churchill. Then again, probably no so-called university in the entire Benighted States of AmeriKKKa is worthy of him.

  2. Daisy Says:

    I’d like to see Prof. Churchill return to CU, and the staff members who are responsible for his unlawful firing dismissed or at least resign from their positions. The students of CU deserve better than the likes of academics who would violate the 1st Amendment!

  3. Tyndale Says:

    I don’t know Daisy, as for the staff members responsible for his hiring, they’d be really tough to pinpoint. I also don’t like the idea of firing/requesting the resignation of people who were clearly politically motivated to fire Churchill because of his political stance. I know that is a really convoluted sentence but you catch my drift?

  4. Tyndale Says:

    I mean “the staff members responsible for his firing”

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