Michael Roberts! Redux!

April 3, 2009

I’ve long been a fan of Michael Roberts’ reporting for Westword, but my regard has been skyrocketing over the last week or so.

And now it’s off the charts.

Michael Roberts has landed the only real interview yet to appear with the only Ward Churchill jury member talking to the media. Make sure you read the whole thing.

It’s spectacular stuff, and punches holes the size of traincars in the rightwing narrative being spun in the Denver Post and Daily Camera, not to mention KHOW.


Um, sort of. And in a, shall we say, less than informative manner. Instead of posting an excerpt, I’m just gonna give you the link here. (And, if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, do click the link for a fine synopsis in the first paragraph of Mr. Roberts’ piece.)

Read the whole thing. Especially the email from Michael Roberts to Craig Silverman, which, I’m guessing, will go unanswered.

I was in court today, and it’s fairly obvious CU’s lead attorney had been either listening to the Caplis and Silverman show, or had simply turned over closing arguments for them to, ahem, ghostwrite. (Certainly, there were no citations.)

There was reference to “Ward Churchill’s world” which comes straight out of Caplis and Silverman, via Vincent Carroll, the Denver Post columnist who was responsible for much of the media smear. In fact, Vincent Carroll once had a series of columns for the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News entitled “Ward’s World”. More directly to the point, however, was Mr. O’Rourke’s highlighting of a quote (maybe two, I’ll update with more specifics later) from a spoken word CD released by AK Press, titled Pacifism as Pathology in the American Left. Not coincidentally, I think, the quote(s) he highlighted were ones that Caplis and Silverman have been long playing on their show, having uncovered them by their extensive research — meaning, y’know, they bought some spoken word CDs on Amazon and had their producer review them.

It is possible, of course, that Mr. O’Rourke went out and tracked down a number of Ward Churchill CDs and just happened across the same quotes on which Caplis and Silverman have been riding four years of ratings. I consider it a wee bit more likely that said quotes were in the packet Craig Silverman handed him in the courtroom this week.

What I find most interesting is that Craig Silverman seems to know exactly how his interjection of himself into the judicial process will appear. How else to explain his ducking of Michael Roberts or his belated, piecemeal admission of the fact that he may, in fact, have been in contact with O’Rourke, which only began to appear after Mr. Roberts began to ask questions? I caught a few minutes of Caplis and Silverman on the drive home from the trial, and heard a third reference (the first two here) to Silverman’s, as I recall, “public and private” conversations with O’Rourke.

I’ll download the Caplis and Silverman audio on the morrow and highlight the significant portions.

I’ll be in court watching closing arguments. For near-live updates, see the Daily Camera. It also never hurts to keep track of Westword, especially when Michael Roberts has his teeth in something (in this case Craig Silverman’s ample ass).

Michael Roberts!

March 31, 2009

Michael Roberts of Westword has picked up the story about KHOW shockjock Craig Silverman feeding CU’s attorney his lines. In the article, Mr. Roberts mentions he has a call out to interview Craig Silverman, and will be posting further updates. (He’s also kind enough to correct one of my many typos, so thanks, Mr. Roberts.)

Get over there and read it.

There’s a reason why, in my many internet incarnations, I’ve had nothing but nice things to say about Mr. Roberts. Even though I never have anything nice to say about the Denver media.