This from the Denver Post’s editorial board. Which, I’m thinking, now includes Vincent Carroll.

Ward Churchill got a dollar more than he deserved.

A jury decided Thursday that the former University of Colorado professor was fired in retaliation for a controversial essay, yet awarded him a mere dollar in damages, the minimum allowable.

Maybe the jury came to the conclusion there was enough blame to go around. How else do you explain the rationale?

Hmm, maybe the geniuses at the Denver Post just missed yesterday’s call into the Caplis and Silverman show by one of the jurors. Y’know, the one where she explained exactly why they voted for nominal damages.

Or maybe the staff at the Denver Post are, well, still lying. I’d guess that after four years of it, it might be kind of hard to break the habit.


Calling all masochists

March 11, 2009

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to enjoy the shrill, idiotic outpouring of rightwing radio jock invective the first time around, Caplis and Silverman went back to an All Churchill, All The Time format yesterday. You can download audio here, here, and here. It’s heavily skewed and chock full o’ lies (I may take the time to point out some of the major whoppers today, if I get a chance), but worth listening to for the sound from the trial.

Meanwhile, Vincent Carroll, another of the media figures who lead the howling mob, is seriously hedging his bets.

Update: So I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the whole show, but I didn’t need to get very far to find the first lie. That came 9 minutes in, when Silverman claimed the Investigating Committee of the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct was already in place when asked to review Ward Churchill’s academic misconduct. 

Flatout lie. They were selected specifically to review this case, which Craig Silverman ought to remember, as he, Dan Caplis, Vincent Carroll and a couple of local bloggers managed to run off the only potential members of the committee who knew anything about American Indian Studies. 

Interestingly, CU’s attorney made the same claim during jury selection, which ought to come back to bite him in the ass.

Pot, kettle

March 5, 2009

As a friend was kind enough to point out, Vincent Carroll of the now defunct Rocky Mountain News is whining because Congressman Jared Polis did a little gloating over the paper’s demise. From the Denver Post.

Jared Polis hardly waited until the tears had dried on the faces of some Rocky Mountain News staffers before he delivered an eerily callous address congratulating bloggers for the death of the paper. The 2nd District Democratic congressman followed up his comments Saturday, 24 hours after the final edition of the Rocky threw more than 200 people out of their jobs, by claiming that he hadn’t actually meant what he said.

From anyone besides Mr. Carroll this might just read as a rather sleazy plea to the sentimentality of his readers. Being that it is Mr. Carroll, however, it’s nothing short of breathtaking in its hypocrisy.

Lest we forget, this is the same asshole who mocked Colorado’s own Vine Deloria Jr. on the day of his funeral.

The difference being, of course, that Vine Deloria Jr.’s family were grieving an actual death.